Goat Ireland is the premier supplier of Chévron(goat), Mutton, Lamb and Rosé Veal meat to the Irish and UK markets. We pride ourselves on the sustainability and naturally reared nature of our product.

Goat meat is high protein, low fat (3%) meat, goat meat is perfect for health and body conscious consumers. A fabulous swap from chicken or turkey.
It’s natural flavours are highly sought after by celebrity chefs and artisan restaurants. We also supply other meat in the form of mutton & lamb and a select quantity of rosé veal.



Goat Ireland sponsor first-ever Butcher’s Goat category at Bonniconlon Show

Goat Ireland proud to be sponsoring the first ever butcher’s goat class at the  Bonniconlon Agricultural Show which starts on 7th August. So come along with your goats and see if you have what it takes Rules are that the goat must be under 1yr old and it is open to any breed of goat. Butchers …

About Goat Ireland

Paul, Ami and the kids (2 legged ones!)

We are Paul, Ami & our flock of two legged kids. Goat Ireland is a family-run small farm enterprise based in Co. Galway.  We chose a new diversification in farming and run our goat meat business alongside a traditional sheep flock of 100 breeding ewes

What we do

We rear goats for meat, and why not?  It’s the world’s most widely eaten meat. Although not a regular feature on Irish dinner plates, it should be. Goat meat is not only very tasty, it is high in protein and low in fat.

Why we do it

We needed to find another way to farm our 32 acre ex-dairy farm on a tight budget and a new venture into Goat meat seemed the right path for us.

How do we do it

We rear ethically-sourced “surplus” dairy goats for their meat. These goats are classed as “surplus” because the majority of goats born on dairy farms are not need to join the herd and are often put to death immediately.

While we thought that giving a new purpose to these “surplus” goats was a good idea unfortunately the kids from current breeds of dairy goats don’t grow a lot of meat (they are effectively the holstein of the goat world). The research began and we sourced Boer goats, these are a heavy-set & muscled goat ideal for meat rearing.

Paul, always thinking of a way forward, has placed Boer bucks (males) in dairy goat herds across Ireland. The Boer buck covers the surplus does (females), keeping them in milk and we purchase all their offspring kids giving them a further purpose in life.

These 50/50 crosses are ideal for producing quality goat meat and finish anywhere between 6-8 months.

Goats & Goat Meat

While goat milk & cheese are popular in Ireland the meat of this animal is much less well known.

What are Boer Goats

This South African developed breed are reared for their high-yield carcass weights and excellent food conversion rates.  We have introduced this breed to our goat dairy farm partners to produce a 50/50 offspring of Boer & Dairy breeds to produce a quality goat meat product.

Goat Meat

We work in partnership with Local Artisan Butchers and abattoirs in our area. We can have the carcass and cuts of meat prepared to your specification, including halal.

As this is a bespoke product please leave plenty of time for your order to be filled (at least one week).

Goat Livestock

From time to time we may have a number of breeding animals for sale, both pure-bred Boer and crosses. Please contact us directly for details of current stock options.

Goat Feed by Goat ireland

We are delighted to announce the launch our a unique Goat Feed product developed in conjunction with Irwins Feed  – http://irwinsfeed.com

The formula has been optimised and tested on our herd and with our network of farmers rearing a quality goat meat product.

We currently have the following feed products

Goat Ireland Finishing Nuts – 25Kg bag – €12.50
Our standard feed with a unique formula developed with Irwins Feed

Goat Ireland Starter Pellets – 25kg bag – €15.00
Designed specially for kids from 10 days old

Goat Ireland Maintenance Nuts – COMING SOON
Designed for hobby goat farmers and smallholders

Please note that delivery of the feed is not included in the cost listed.  Contact us for bulk orders and delivery prices.

Title LogoIrwin’s Feed is the manufacturer of a special ration suitable for the high potential goats that Paul Davis and the team at Goat Ireland produce. The ration has been specially designed from top quality raw materials, with maize, sugar beet, barley and soya bean meal etc ensuring top performance. With long experience of feeding goats we have developed the correct balance of trace elements and vitamins for optimum performance in a convenient pellet.
Kenneth Irwin – Irwins Feeds