Goat Ireland sponsor first-ever Butcher’s Goat category at Bonniconlon Show

Goat Ireland proud to be sponsoring the first ever butcher’s goat class at the  Bonniconlon Agricultural Show which starts on 7th August.

So come along with your goats and see if you have what it takes

Rules are that the goat must be under 1yr old and it is open to any breed of goat.

Butchers goat male or female under 1 year
1st prize – €250
2nd prize – 6 bags of goat finisher
3rd prize – 4 bags of goat finisher

List of classes are as follows

  • Best female 1 and 2 year old any breed
  • Best milker any breed
  • Best goatling any breed
  • Best pedigree kid over 2 months any breed
  • Best non pedigree kid over 2 months any breed
  • Best male over 1 year
  • Best farm goat any breed
  • Goat led by a child under 12 year

Best of luck to all and enjoy the day

Visit their website – http://www.bonniconlonshow.ie
or on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bonniconlon.agriculturalshow

Daily lives of our Goats

Our goats come to us at  4 days to 1 week old, it is a prerequisite that they stay with their mothers until collected so that they get their all important colostrum and which gives them the best possible start and builds their natural immunity.

Once here they are fed on milk replacer and live in small groups of 6-8 until they are well established on a specially milled starter goat pellet feed, which Paul has developed in conjunction with Irwins Feeds in Antrim.

They start life here on four milk feeds daily and are weaned as they eat more solids which are on offer from 2 weeks of age.

They frolic the day away on fresh straw beds, eating adlib “haylige” and their special diet of Goat food.

Goat Ireland develops tailored feed

Goat Ireland is now able to offer a high performance goat finisher nut.
It has been designed and developed in conjunction with Irwins Feeds and it tailored just for goats with high levels of minerals and to be highly digestible for maximum uptake.

Price is  just €12.50 per 25kg

Bags can be picked up from us or sent by courier with a delivery charge. Please contact us for more details.

Ear to the Ground feature our farm and goats

The TV crew and presenters arrived at our farm back at the start of 2017

We were featured on Episode 16 in Series 24 which aired back in February http://www.rte.ie/tv/eartotheground/

It was great to get some positive coverage on the growing demand and interest in goat meat in Ireland.  It follows hot on the heels of an article in The Irish Sun newspaper.

View on the RTE website – https://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/ear-to-the-ground-extras-30004573/10693408/