Goats & Goat Meat

While goat milk & cheese are popular in Ireland the meat of this animal is much less well known.

What are Boer Goats

This South African developed breed are reared for their high-yield carcass weights and excellent food conversion rates.  We have introduced this breed to our goat dairy farm partners to produce a 50/50 offspring of Boer & Dairy breeds to produce a quality goat meat product.

Goat Meat

We work in partnership with Local Artisan Butchers and abattoirs in our area. We can have the carcass and cuts of meat prepared to your specification, including halal.

As this is a bespoke product please leave plenty of time for your order to be filled (at least one week).

Goat Livestock

From time to time we may have a number of breeding animals for sale, both pure-bred Boer and crosses. Please contact us directly for details of current stock options.